Chat for small teams — encrypted and decentralized
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A decentralized group communication tool

Chat for small teams — encrypted and decentralized


  • Go to
  • Sign-in using a Blockstack ID (create one if you need to)
  • Create a "Group"
    • Groups are a collection of channels that have some related purpose (e.g. you might have a group for a team of people you collaborate with)
  • Create a channel
    • Channels are used to talk about a specific topic with a specific set of people (e.g. about a project you are working on)
  • Add someone to the channel
    • You'll need to know their Blockstack ID, and they'll have to login to and enter your username on the main screen before they see the channel.
  • Talk to them
    • Just type messages and hit enter to send.
  • Anyone in a channel can add new members, or remove existing ones
    • There is no concept of ownership at the group or channel level; every member owns the messages that they post, and publishes them in a way so that they can only be read by people who were members of the channel at the time of publishing.


I quickly hacked this together to play with the Blockstack platform. There will be bugs and there is much room for improvement. Feel free to add GitHub issues. If you would like to contribute code, get in touch with me (opening a GitHub issue is a good way to initially make contact).