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djondb PHP driver

Welcome to the djondb php driver, here you will find the basics on how to use it for more detailed information please go to


We recommend using composer to resolve the dependencies, but if you can't you just need to copy the djondb.php and reference it in your code, here's an example:

Create a file named test.php, copy and paste this: <?php

use djondb\DjondbConnection;

$c = new DjondbConnection("localhost", 1243);
if ($c->open()) {
	$address = (object)array("street" => "Washington", "number" => 3);
	$addresses = array($address);
	$obj = (object)array("name" => "Peter", "lastName" => "Parker", "addresses": $addresses);

	$json = json_encode($obj);
	$insertDQL = "insert $json into phprocks:customer";

	// Find
	$cur = $c->executeQuery("select * from phprocks:customer";

	$recovered = $cur->current();


Note: json objects have to be represented using StdClass objects, for json arrays use standard php arrays.

Now you can test it using:

php test.php

Done, congratulations you're ready to use djondb with your php code.


To use the tests you will have to install composer, once you have the composer installed you will be able to use:

composer update

the first instruction will install the dependencies, which includes phpunit, this will create a folder vendor with the script phpunit on it. The second instruction will trigger the tests