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Amortization table in Python with GUI in QML
Python QML
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This code is no longer maintained. Please go to . While that currently does not have a GUI, given what I know now about GUIs it'll be trivial for me to add one there after I refactor the code. 

The code is well documented, but I'm adding this readme for Git Hub and anyone coming to my code on there.

This is an amortization table for home mortgages, but it should work for anything else that follows that type of math - say a car loan.

Right now it outputs to a .csv file for importing into a spreadsheet.

If you create a file called extraprinciple you can put numbers with each line representing a month of extra principle payments.  Put a 0 for months without extra principle paid off.


add GPL, copyright info to files (include copy of GPLv3)
make extra principle able to have comments
use to set title, etc
add file->quit and help->about 
add input box for csv filename
add check-box for csv
another page for comparisons with different interest rates 
	highlight differences in monthly payments
another page for comparison with different amounts of extra principle
	highlight differences in end month and final amounts paid
in both of above display inflection point for interest and principle
print amort table to QML screen (almost done)

use desktop styles - coming out around the time of QT5 to make buttons, etc look natural on KDE
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