A class that enables you to generate a docx based on a template
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This is a fork from the original https://github.com/djpate/docxgen Just needed to also change some fields in the header and footer so I created the necessary methods to do so.

Note: This are very basic methods, it assumes there's only 1 header (header1.xml) and 1 footer (footer1.xml).

I'm no expert in the docx format so I just replaced the tag with the value, no xml iteration or funky business here :)

The example should be self explanatory.


  • Create valid docx based on a template
  • Nested blocks on infinite levels

How to create your template

Simply open up word 2007+

If you want to map a single field you can just use #NAME# but you could use anything you like since it's just a search & replace

To create a block

[start blockname]
your content
[start somenestedblock]
[end somenestedblock]
[end blockname]
  • blockname should be unique
  • blockname has to match \w+ reg ex (a-zA-Z_)
  • fields mapped in block has to be unique

Please check out full template in the repo

How to setup

$phpdocx = new phpdocx("mytemplate.docx");

How to assign values

$phpdocx->assign("#TITLE1#","Hello !"); // basic field mapping

$phpdocx->assignBlock("members",array(array("#NAME#"=>"John","#SURNAME#"=>"DOE"),array("#NAME#"=>"Jane","#SURNAME#"=>"DOE"))); // this would replicate two members block with the associated values

$phpdocx->assignNestedBlock("pets",array(array("#PETNAME#"=>"Rex")),array("members"=>1)); // would create a block pets for john doe with the name rex
$phpdocx->assignNestedBlock("pets",array(array("#PETNAME#"=>"Rox")),array("members"=>2)); // would create a block pets for jane doe with the name rox

$phpdocx->assignNestedBlock("toys",array(array("#TOYNAME#"=>"Ball")),array("members"=>1,"pets"=>1)); // would create a block toy for rex
$phpdocx->assignNestedBlock("toys",array(array("#TOYNAME#"=>"Frisbee")),array("members"=>2,"pets"=>1)); // would create a block toy for rox

How to save

you can either save the generated doc to a file using the save method


Or you can force the download of the file with the download method


If you do not specify a filename in the download method a generated filename will be used

More info

Why this pclzip ?

I'm using pclzip for the zip process because the zip utility provided with php can cause issue with office

What's the licence ?


Anything else ?

I'm using three function from the TBS library so congrats to them