A Nintendo (Nunchuk) Controller Adapter for Commodore 64.
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Nunchuk64 is a converter or adapter to connect a Wii Nunchuk or a Nindendo NES Classic Mini Controller to a Commodore 64. The circuit converts two Nintendo Controllers into two Commodore 64 ones. All types of the Commodore 64 inputs, which means digital and analog inputs, are available.


Introduction Video

User [dukestah] from Forum64 made a nice introduction video. He gives a short introduction how the thing works in basic and demonstrates the functions while playing a game.


Layout and PCB

The whole KiCad project is provided inside subfolder "hardware".

Please feel free to order your own PCBs, Gerber files are here "gerber".

I would be pleased about a small donation: PAYPAL.ME

3D Picture

3d Picture

Supported and tested Hardware

Currently the following hardware is supported (see Supported Controllers)


  • ☑ Tested with a "Nindendo NES Classic Mini Controller" clone
  • ☑ Tested with a "original Nindendo Nunchuk Controller"
  • ☑ Tested with a "Nindendo Nunchuk Controller" clone
  • ☑ Tested with different other NES/SNES Classic Mini clones


  • KiCad to work in schematic and layout (see KiCad)
  • avr-gcc toolchain for compiling the firmware