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This will listen for incoming emails on a server and then emit an event on success
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node.js email listener

This will allow you to create a simple email receiving server that will listen for new messages and then trigger an event. You can then parse through the message of the body any way you want.

Use the link above to test the app.


npm install email-listener


var emaillisten = require("email-listener");

//The optional argument will be the port to listen on
//(defaults to 25)

//Listener Event
emaillisten.on("msg", function(recipient, rawbody, parsed){

    //Whom the message is for

    //The raw contents of the message body

    //This is the parsed message as an object with useful and easy ways to work with the message


parsed message

This library is used to parse the message, please refer to it about what is returned in the parsed return in the callback. There will be more options to control this in future releases. For now, it just returns the parsed message with the default options.

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