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perl API for

This is perl interface for, Danish national email system.

Included a simple POP server for proxying e-boks for read-only mail access and a simple downloader.

You shall need your CPR#, password and activation key. You can get the password and activation key from the e-Boks website. Here is a video-guide on how to get it (in Danish).

For the POP3 login, the username is be your CPR code and your e-boks activation code, such as f.ex: 0123456-7890:kwdElkwjdc. The password is your mobile pincode.

Try online

Direct your mail client to POP3 server (port 8110).

WARNING!!! This is my own server, I do not log your data, and I guarantee my best efforts to keep the server from being compromised. Still, if you use your eboks login there it is at your own risk !!!

Try yourself


  1. For windows you'll need strawberry perl from .

  2. Install this module by opening command line and typing 'cpanm git://'. This gets you the latest code. If this fails, try this: 'cpan Net::Eboks', which can be older.

Download your mails as a mailbox

On command line, type eboks_dump, enter your passwords, and wait until it downloads all into eboks.mbox. Use your favourite mail agent to read it.

Use as a POP3 server

  1. On command line, type eboks2pop

  2. Connect your mail client to POP3 server at localhost, where username is your CPR code and your e-boks activation code, such as f.ex: 0123456-7890:kwdElkwjdc and password is your mobile pincode.

Use on mail server

  1. Create a startup script, f.ex. for FreeBSD see example/eboks2pop.freebsd .

  2. Install procmail and fetchmail. Look into example/procmail and and examples/fetchmail (the latter needs to have permissions 0600).

  3. Add a cron job f.ex.

2 2 * * * /usr/local/bin/fetchmail > /dev/null 2>&1

to fetch mails once a day. Only new mails will be fetched. This will also work for more than one user.