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+Resume for Dan Kubb
+resume.txt -- actual resume content
+testimonials.txt -- testimonials from customers and coworkers
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+Dan Kubb
+33699 Grewall Crescent
+Mission, BC, V2V 7B7
++1 (604) 820-0212
+* Proven record of delivering well tested software that exceed
+ expectations.
+* Very comfortable communicating with all levels of an organization and
+ explain technical concepts using straight-forward language.
+* Understands business and marketing, and has an especially deep
+ understanding of internet marketing.
+* Enjoys teaching and mentoring and has directly managed teams of up to
+ 15 developers.
+* Strong technical background with over 10 years of experience
+ developing web applications.
+* Active open source contributor. Currently leads the DataMapper ORM
+ open-source project, which is a direct competitor to ActiveRecord
+ (a part of Ruby on Rails), is used by hundreds of companies and has
+ dozens of contributors.
+Languages -- Ruby, Perl, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Erlang
+Frameworks -- Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Prototype, mod_perl
+Databases -- MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
+Operating Systems -- Linux, OS X, Windows
+Tools -- DataMapper, RSpec, Apache, Nginx
+Freelance Developer
+Autopilot Marketing Inc.
+May 2001 — Present (9 years)
+* Worked with dozens of customers, automating and streamlining their
+ internal business and marketing processes.
+* Developed custom ecommerce applications handling over 1M in yearly
+ sales.
+* Integrated back-end systems that were not designed to work together to
+ allow simpler administration and increase sales.
+* In one case, developed a system to help manage fulfillment of
+ physically shipped products. Reduced time to manage daily orders
+ from 4 hours to 10 minutes a day, and eliminated many costly mistakes
+ caused by the formerly manual process.
+2007 — 2008 (1 year)
+* Integrated Voice Conferencing system with Ruby on Rails application.
+ System allows conferences to be scheduled with attendees, and the
+ system would dial out to all attendees and pull them into a conference
+ call.
+* Mentored small team of developers and designers.
+* Worked directly with designers and project managers to design easy to
+ use interface to allow call scheduling.
+* Developed REST API to allow other applications to integrate conference
+ calling systems. API is compatible with ActiveResource allowing Ruby
+ on Rails applications to easily integrate with the service.
+Lead Software Developer
+The Internet Marketing Center
+March 1999 — June 2004 (5 years 4 months)
+* Developed dozens of in-house applications to streamline business and
+ increase sales.
+* Built ecommerce platform that formed the basis for all company systems
+ and continuously refined while the company grew from 4 employees to
+ over 50, and 10M a year in revenue online.
+ As of 2008, system is still operational and handles business with over
+ 100+ employees and 40M a year in revenue.
+* Mentored and managed software developers on multiple simultaneous
+ projects. Team size would fluctuate depending on the project, but I
+ have managed up to 15 developers at one time.
+* Developed affiliate program used by 90,000+ affiliates, one of the the
+ largest on the internet after
+* Repackaged in-house affiliate program as commercial system called
+ AssocTRAC. Sold several thousand copies for well over 1M in revenue
+ for about 4 man-months of work.
+* Rebuilt eBookPro authentication system to handle extremely large
+ volumes of traffic. Stability was a primary concern, so it was built
+ using Test Driven Development and refactored into clean single-purpose
+ components.
+ As of 2008, this system has been running with 100% uptime since 2004.
36 testimonials.txt
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+“Dan is outstanding to say the least. He comes up with brilliant,
+ creative, simple solutions to solve complex problems (which saves you
+ money!). He understands internet marketing and internet business so he
+ can build programs that are incredibly useful to you. He knows how to
+ "think ahead" when programming to allow expandability, scalability and
+ reliability to all the programs he designs (so you are not re-designing
+ programs from scratch in 6 months when you want to change a feature -
+ which is so common with developers! - but NOT Dan!).
+ Developers/Programmers like Dan are 1 in 1000. If you hire him, hang
+ onto him, because you have a true gem!”
+ -- Corey Rudl, President and Founder, The Internet Marketing Center
+“Dan Kubb is one of the most talented web developers and programmers
+ that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
+“Over the past 5 years Dan has been responsible for leading the design
+ and development of the entire web architecture and system for Internet
+ Marketing Center, a company that has grown from a small, four man
+ operation, to over $10,000,000/year in revenues all from the Internet,
+ with 50+ employees.
+“Dan Kubb is one of the few programmers that not only understand the
+ programming and design from a technical point of view, but also has a
+ thorough understanding from the business and marketing point of view.
+“With his unique and diverse skill set in all aspects of web
+ programming, Internet Marketing, and Affiliate Programs, Dan is
+ constantly able to add valuable input into the design of any system he
+ works on to dramatically increase efficiency as well as profits.”
+ -- Derek Gehl, CEO, The Internet Marketing Center

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