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When Porgs Scream at Webpack and Other Stories

For many web developers the world of hardware is very intimidating. There is no easy way to go back from a broken to a working project state. You break something, you replace it — there is no Ctrl/Cmd + z. However, getting a project to work is incredibly fun and rewarding.

From an API for your coffee machine to a porg that screams every time your webpack build fails to playing games with hundreds of people at the same time, the only limit is your imagination*.

You might not leave this talk with a degree in Electrical Engineering**, but you'll learn useful basics to help you enter the wonderful world of hardware. We'll look at different ways to combine JavaScript and hardware, from APIs all the way to JS enabled microcontrollers. All tied up with some live demos. At the end you won't be able to wait to start your own hardware adventure!

*and maybe your patience
**unless you already have one