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QT based PNG display sink for gnuradio

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gr-display is a small qt based addon for gnuradio.

It contains two components:
show_image   - to display png images.
show_text    - to display ascii characters as text in a qt window.

I use show_image to receive and display some weather- satellite pictures with the funcube dongle
and gnuradio.

Both blocks are using the new post 3.7- api.
You'll find them in
Instrumentation - Qt in grc.

1. Dependencies:

- gnuradio (3.7)
- gr-qtgui
- qt4 ( tested with qt4.8 )

2. Installation

get the latest code from

The build process is cmake based. So change to the code directory.
$mkdir build
$cd build
$cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<where gnuradio is installed> ../
$make install

After that you'll find in grc in Instrumentation / Qt a PNG Image sink and a Text sink.

3. To do

- Perhaps do some simple image processing like rotating before saving.

4. Using the example

The example is based on the assumtion that the input device is named FCD. This can be achieved
by the following lines in the .asoundrc file in the home directory:

pcm.V10_card {
        type hw
        card V10
ctl.V10_card {
        type hw
        card V10
pcm.FCD {
        type plug
        slave.pcm V10_card

5. Known Problems

You should use libusb-1.0.8. Other versions of libusb or libusbx lead to a sudden finish of the example.
A bug is reported, but up to now there is no fix available.

6. Credits

The apt decoder part is based on an decoder prototype by  Alexandru Csete, OZ9AEC.
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