Fluentd plugin for output to remote syslog serivce (e.g. Papertrail)
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Fluentd plugin for output to remote syslog serivce (e.g. Papertrail)


fluent-plugin-remote_syslog fluentd ruby
>= 1.0.0 >= v0.14.0 or >= v1.0.0 >= 2.1
< 1.0.0 >= v0.12.0 >= 1.9


 fluent-gem install fluent-plugin-remote_syslog


<match foo.bar>
  @type remote_syslog
  host example.com
  port 514
  severity debug
  program fluentd
  hostname ${tag[1]}

  <buffer tag>

    @type single_value
    message_key msg


name type placeholder support description
hostname string support departure of log
host string support syslog target host
port integer (default: 514) syslog target port
host_with_port string support parameter for : style
facility string (default: "user") support syslog facility
severity string (default: "notice" support syslog severity
program string (default: "fluentd" support syslog program name
protocol enum (udp, tcp) (default: udp) transfer protocol
tls bool (default: false) use TLS (tcp only)
ca_file string ca_file path (tls mode only)
verify_mode integer SSL verification mode (tls mode only)
packet_size integer (default: 1024) size limitation for syslog packet
timeout integer TCP transfer timeout. if value is 0, wait forever
timeout_exception bool (default: false) if value is true, raise exception by transfer timeout
keep_alive bool (default: false) use TCP keep alive
keep_alive_idle integer set TCP keep alive idle time
keep_alive_cnt integer set TCP keep alive probe count
keep_alive_intvl integer set TCP keep alive probe interval

Common Configuration

Buffer Section

name default
flush_mode interval
flush_interval 5
flush_thread_interval 0.5
flush_thread_burst_interval 0.5

Format Section

name default
@type ltsv


Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Richard Lee. See LICENSE for details.