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dfix CI status

Tool for automatically upgrading D source code


  • Updates old-style alias syntax to new-style
  • Fixes implicit concatenation of string literals
  • Automatic conversion of C-style array declarations and parameters to D-style.
  • Upgrades code to comply with DIP64 when the --dip64 switch is specified. (Not recommended)
  • Upgrades code to comply with DIP65 unless the --dip65=false switch is specified.
  • Upgrades code to comply with DIP1003 unless the --dip1003=false switch is specified.
  • Rewrites functions declared const, immutable and inout to be more clear by moving these keywords from the left side of the return type to the right side of the parameter list.


dfix will edit your files in-place. Do not use dfix on files that have no backup copies. Source control solves this problem for you. Double-check the results before checking in the modified code.


OS X users with homebrew should be able to install via brew install dfix for the latest stable release or brew install dfix --HEAD for the latest git master branch.

Other users should manually install, e.g. on *nix systems:

  • git clone && git submodule update --init
  • cd dfix
  • git checkout v0.3.5 if you want the stable release
  • make to build
  • make test to test
  • either add the bin directory to your path or copy to another directory that is on your path.

Installing with DUB

> dub fetch dfix && dub run dfix