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Latest commit 93faa6e Feb 25, 2017 @MartinNowak MartinNowak committed on GitHub Merge pull request #6567 from WalterBright/string-merge
elfobj.c: add SHF_MERGE and SHF_STRINGS to .rodata.strM.N



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DMD is the reference compiler for the D programming language.

To report a problem or browse the list of open bugs, please visit the bug tracker.

For more information, including instructions for compiling, installing, and hacking on DMD, check the contribution guide and visit the D Wiki.

All significant contributors to DMD source code, via github, bugzilla, email, wiki, the D forums, etc., please assign copyright to those DMD source code changes to the D Language Foundation. Please send an email to walter@digitalmars.com with the statement:

"I hereby assign copyright in my contributions to DMD to the D Language Foundation"

and include your name and date.