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WalterBright Merge pull request #8426 from wilzbach/blockopt
convert blockopt.c to blockopt.d
Latest commit 31e7afa Jul 19, 2018
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.circleci Add different ENABLE + unittest modes to build.d Jul 1, 2018
changelog Merge pull request #8237 from ntrel/cond-parens Jul 4, 2018
docs Start documenting the Objective-C ABI Feb 22, 2018
ini Port of dmd to DragonFlyBSD Jan 22, 2018
res Add DDOC_AUTO_PSYMBOL_SUPPRESS to ease removal of `_` suppressions. Feb 5, 2018
samples Small clean-ups in word count samples Apr 20, 2017
src Merge pull request #8426 from wilzbach/blockopt Jul 18, 2018
test Merge pull request #8492 from yshui/uda-enum Jul 17, 2018
.codecov.yml Remove codecov/project and codecov/changes Jan 15, 2018
.editorconfig Update .editorconfig Dec 28, 2017
.gitignore Ignore GCov coverage files Dec 22, 2017
CODEOWNERS Remove myself as code owner Mar 26, 2018
CONTRIBUTING.md add link to bugzilla entry Oct 9, 2017
Jenkinsfile load ci repo as shared jenkins library Oct 6, 2017
LICENSE.txt Make Boost license visible Jun 5, 2017
README.md Use DMD list view URL for the Bugzilla badge Mar 11, 2018
VERSION bump VERSION to v2.081.1 Jul 10, 2018
appveyor.sh quiet clone to remove annyoing output from test logs Feb 8, 2018
appveyor.yml fix artifact Apr 13, 2018
ci.sh Upgrade gdc to gdc-8 Jul 3, 2018
config.sh factor out config.sh script to update config files (VERSION, SYSCONFDIR) Jul 27, 2017
dub.sdl Add version MARS to the DUB DMD frontend package Feb 12, 2018
posix.mak Improve untracked file check Mar 13, 2018
semaphoreci.sh SemaphoreCi: fix BRANCH detection Mar 28, 2018
win32.mak Do not run auto-tester build by default on Windows Apr 6, 2018
win64.mak Updated comments on top-level win64.mak Nov 1, 2017



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DMD is the reference compiler for the D programming language.

To report a problem or browse the list of open bugs, please visit the bug tracker.

For more information, including instructions for compiling, installing, and hacking on DMD, check the contribution guide and visit the D Wiki.

All significant contributors to DMD source code, via github, bugzilla, email, wiki, the D forums, etc., please assign copyright to those DMD source code changes to the D Language Foundation. Please send an email to walter@digitalmars.com with the statement:

"I hereby assign copyright in my contributions to DMD to the D Language Foundation"

and include your name and date.