🎨 A Hugo theme based on the HPSTR Jekyll theme.
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Theme screenshot

This is a port of the HPSTR theme to Hugo. All the original features are intact and described below. Credit for the theme goes entirely to Michael Rose.

They say three times the charm, so here is another free responsive Jekyll blog theme for you. I've learned a ton since open sourcing my first two themes on Github, and wanted to try a few new things this time around.

If you've used any of my other themes most of this should be familiar territory...

HPSTR Features:

  • Responsive templates for post, page, and post index layouts. Looks great on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Gracefully degrades in older browsers. Compatible with Internet Explorer 8+ and all modern browsers.
  • Sweet animated menu.
  • Background image support.
  • Support for large images to call out your favorite posts.
  • Optional Disqus comments.
  • Simple and clear permalink structure[^1].
  • Open Graph and Twitter Cards support for a better social sharing experience.
  • Custom 404 page to get you started.
  • Syntax highlighting stylesheets to make your code examples look snazzy.

Get the theme

With Git installed, run the following commands inside the Hugo site folder. If Hugo has not yet been installed, read the setup guide here.

$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone https://github.com/dldx/hpstr-hugo-theme.git hpstr

You can get a zip of the latest version of the theme from the home page and extract it to the themes folder.

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