ssh agent plugin for KeePass 2.x
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KeeAgent is a plugin for KeePass 2.x. It allows other programs to access SSH keys stored in your KeePass database for authentication. It can either act as a stand-alone agent or it can interface with an external agent.




Pull requests are welcome!

Building KeeAgent in Visual Studio (Windows)

Setting up the KeeAgent solution in Visual Studio

Setup Debug Properties

These are not saved in KeeAgent.csproj, so you have to manually set them up.

  • Open the project properties for the KeeAgent project.
  • On the Debug tab, in the Start Action section, select Start external program: and enter <path-to-project>/bin/Debug/KeePass.exe, where <path-to-project> is the actual path on your machine.

    If you have not tried to build the project yet, then you will get an error that the program does not exist. Ignore the error.

  • Then in the Start Options section, set Command line arguments to --debug --pw:test Test.kdbx.
  • Do the same for the Release and ReleasePlgx configurations, substituting the configuration name for Debug in bin/Debug/KeePass.exe.

    Also leave out the --debug command line argument for these configurations.

Building KeeAgent in Xamarin Studio (Linux/OS X)

  • Suggest that you use at Monodevelop >= 5.0
  • Make sure you are using the OpenSSH SSH agent and not the GNOME Keyring SSH agent. Instructions here.

  • Get the code:

    git clone git:// --recursive
  • In monodevelop:

    • In Edit > Preferences... > Projects > Build, check the box that says Compile the project using MSBuild/Xbuild. In newer versions, this option is not there (it is set per project in the project options). You must restart Monodevelop after making this change.
    • If you are using an older version of MonoDevelop, make sure you have the nuget addin installed.
    • Open the KeeAgent.sln file.
    • Expand SshAgentLib project and right-click on References. Select Restore NuGet Packages.
    • Close and re-open the solution if it still says that BouncyCastle is missing.
    • Should be good to build and run now.

Building KeeAgent from the Command Line (Linux/OS X)

  • Make sure you have a fairly recent mono (>= v3.2.x)

  • Get the code:

    git clone git:// --recursive
    cd KeeAgent
  • Restore the nuget packages:

    mono nuget.exe restore
  • And build:

    xbuild /property:Configuration=ReleasePlgx KeeAgent.sln
  • The plgx file will be at bin/ReleasePlgx/KeeAgent.plgx.


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