A Java framework for creating sophisticated calendar views (JavaFX 8, 9, 10)
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A Java framework for creating sophisticated calendar views based on JavaFX. A detailed developer manual can be found online: http://dlsc.com/wp-content/html/calendarfx/manual.html

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Repository Coordinates

CalendarFX can be found on jcenter / bintray and also on maven central. For maven central you simply have to add the dependency to the CalendarFX "view" artifact. For jcenter you also need to add the jcenter repository to your pom file.



  1. CalendarFXApp - contains a standalone application (day, week, month, year views).
  2. CalendarFXAssembly - a module used for creating distributions / assemblies
  3. CalendarFXExperimental - a playground for new controls
  4. CalendarFXGoogle - code for working with Google calendars
  5. CalendarFXiCal - code for dealing with iCal data
  6. CalendarFXRecurrence - an extension for the Google recurrence API (RFC 2445). Needed for the new date and time API of Java 8
  7. CalendarFXSampler - a demo app based on FXSampler to test controls individually
  8. CalendarFXView - the main module containing the various calendar views
  9. CalendarFXWeather - a standalone demo for the month sheet view

Building It

Simply run the 'install' target inside the top level project. Once completed you will find the installation inside the target folder of the assembly module.


There are currently two assemblies being created inside the target folder of the assembly module. The "bin" assembly contains almost everything except for the source files.

Binary Assembly

The following are the directories found inside the binary assembly.


Contains the calendar.css file.


Contains several standalone / runnable JAR files. Demos can be started by either double clicking on them or by calling java -jar demo.jar. Make sure to use at least Java 8u60+.


Contains the generated JavaDocs / API HTML files.


Contains third party libraries that are needed for running CalendarFX (controlsfx, license4j, fontawesomefx).


The resource bundles used by CalendarFX.


The actual CalendarFX libraries.


Property files used for logging.


Getting started files.