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A Java framework for creating sophisticated calendar views based on JavaFX. A detailed developer manual can be found online: CalendarFX 8 Developer Manual

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For a quick online demo please checkout JPro and their CalendarFX demo.


Repository Coordinates

CalendarFX can be found on Bintray and The Central Repository as com.calendarfx:view.


  • CalendarFXView — the main module containing the various calendar views
  • CalendarFXSampler — a demo app based on FXSampler to test controls individually
  • CalendarFXApp — a demo app (day, week, month, year views).
  • CalendarFXiCal — a demo app for working with iCalendar data
  • CalendarFXGoogle — a demo app for working with Google calendars
  • CalendarFXResourceApp — a demo app for the resource calendar view
  • CalendarFXWeather — a demo app for the month sheet view


In the module folder of the corresponding app:

mvn javafx:run


To install the package into the local repository, for use as a dependency in other projects locally:

mvn install
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