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quay-exporter is a daemon exposing information about your repositories as Prometheus metrics. Those metrics can be then used to monitor the number and severity of vulnerabilities present in the docker images published in that service.

Install Instructions

Compiling from sources

To run the daemon locally, use:

$ go get
$ quay-exporter weaveworks

quay-exporter can access private repositories when provided with an OAUTH 2 bearer token using the -quay-token command line parameter.

Using the Docker image

Using quay-expoter from the published Docker image is one command away:

docker run -p 8080:8080 weaveworks

Deploying on Kubernetes

A sample Deployment manifest is provided to deploy quay-exporter on a Kubernetes cluster:

kubectl -n monitoring apply -f quay-exporter-deploy.yaml

Visualize Metrics

To view the available metrics, point your browser at http://localhost:8080/metrics/:

quay_vulnerabilities{organization="weaveworks",os="debian:9",repository="build-golang",severity="critical"} 7

The latest tag of weaveworks/build-golang is running a Debian 9 image with 7 known critical vulnerabilities. Fortunately, build-golang is only used for building containers images, not running services! Also rebuilding the image will update the packages in the base image, which will fix the known vulnerabilities.


One can find more information about what the daemon is doing by increasing the log level:

$ quay-exporter -log-level debug  weaveworks


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