Simple ORM-like thingy for Go (wrapper around SQLite3 for now)
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GoRM is an ORM for Go. It lets you map Go structs to tables in a database. It's intended to be very lightweight, doing very little beyond what you really want. For example, when fetching data, instead of re-inventing a query syntax, we just delegate your query to the underlying database, so you can write the "where" clause of your SQL statements directly. This allows you to have more flexibility while giving you a convenience layer. But GoRM also has some smart defaults, for those times when complex queries aren't necessary.

How do we use it?

Open a database

db, _ := OpenDB("test.db")
db.Close() // you'll probably wanna close it at some point

Model a struct after a table in the db

type Person struct {
	Id int
	Name string
	Age int

Create an object and save it

var someone Person
someone.Name = "john"
someone.Age = 20


Fetch a single object

var person1 Person
db.Get(&person1, "id = ?", 3)

var person2 Person
db.Get(&person2, 3) // this is shorthand for the version above

var person3 Person
db.Get(&person3, "name = ?", "john") // more complex query

var person4 Person
db.Get(&person4, "name = ? and age < ?", "john", 88) // even more complex

Fetch multiple objects

var bobs []Person
err := db.GetAll(&bobs, "name = ?", "bob")

var everyone []Person
err := db.GetAll(&everyone, "") // use empty string to omit "where" clause

Saving new and existing objects

person2.Name = "Jack" // an already-existing person in the database, from the example above

var newGuy Person
newGuy.Name = "that new guy"
newGuy.Age = 27

// newGuy.Id is suddenly valid, and he's in the database now.

Installing GoRM

Obviously Go should be installed. The official installation directions are recommended, rather than installing it through a package (such as homebrew).

This package also requires my version of the sqlite package. Clone it, then run make install and you'll be all set.

Known bugs

Right now, it only interfaces with SQLite. The goal however is to add support for other databases in the future, including maybe PostgreSQL and CouchDB or NoSQL? Who knows.

Also, at the moment, relationship-support is in the works, but not yet implemented.

All in all, it's not entirely ready for advanced use yet, but it's getting there.


The idea came about in #go-nuts on Namegduf and wrtp were instrumental in helping solidify the main principles, and I think wrtp came up with the name.

Feel free to send pull requests with cool features added :)