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Welcome to dlux! Start building anything.

Decentralized Limitless User Experiences

The goal of this project is to incentivize XR adoption in the best possible way we can imagine: open-source and on-chain.

It's like that movie Ready Player One, imagine a decentralized Oasis created by you!

The economics of this are possible. By combining WebVR, AR.js, and STEEM, we created a platform free for everyone to use that rewards good content with real cryptocurrency you can spend or transfer.

We recognize that in order for vr to take off, its creation needs to reach a point of enabling everyone to participate, so we lowered the barrier to entry as far as we possibly could.

Remix our Glitch projects to immediately begin building experiences that earn you rewards by publishing to Steem. Experiences that run on nearly any device, computer, and head mounted display through the web browser.

Deploy your next game, video, or experience at no cost with no programming expertise. We'll show you how.

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