Designed to facilitate script input/output with an easily customizable WPF window.
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Updated for v0.3.3


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

v0.3.3 - 2018-09-25


  • Removed all default buttons presented along with GridData; these buttons can be recreated by providing either "SaveGrid" or "ExploreGrid" to the new -Template parameter New-AnyBoxButton.
  • Removed -ShowCopyButton from Show-AnyBox, as it is now done like so: $b = New-AnyBox -Template CopyMessage; Show-AnyBox -Message 'CopyMe' -Buttons $b.


  • Fixed bug in DefaultValue when used with ValidateSet and a combo box (Issue #3).
  • The special function Test-ValidInput used to show an error, if applicable, then return $true or $false. Now, Test-ValidInput will only return an object with properties Is_Valid and Message. Is_Valid contains $true or $false, while Message contains a friendly message to show the user. Now, developers can handle invalid input differently if desired.
  • Renamed -HideGridSearch parameter to -NoGridSearch for consistency, but it is aliased to the old name for compatibility.
  • Added 'Save' button to Process Killer example.
  • The helper function ConvertTo-Base64 has been renamed to Get-Base64 (#7, thanks Tonic8).


  • Added -ToolTip parameter to New-AnyBoxButton.
  • Added FolderOpen input type to New-AnyBoxPrompt; Inspired by @kalivodv.
  • Added -Collapsed parameter to New-AnyBoxPrompt.
  • Added -CollapsedGroups parameter to Show-AnyBox.

v0.3.2 - 2018-09-04


  • Module restructuring; huge thanks to @Chirishman! Hopefully this helps with #7.

v0.3.1 - 2018-08-05


  • Minor bugfixes (issue #2)
  • Corrections to examples.

v0.3.0 - 2018-03-04


Added New-Prompt as an alias for New-AnyBoxPrompt. New parameters include:

  • -Tab: show prompts in a tab control view.
  • -Group: group prompts in a group box.
  • -FontSize, -FontFamily, -FontColor, -Alignment: allows the ability to have prompts of different sizes, colors, etc.
  • -ShowSetAs: controls how a set (specified by -ValidateSet is displayed). The default is a dropdown (combo) box, but users can specify 'Radio' or 'Radio_Wide'.
  • -RadioGroup: When -ShowSetAs is one of 'Radio' or 'Radio_Wide', each set of options in -ValidateSet is in one group. Use -RadioGroup to designate the group to which a set of radio buttons belongs.
  • -ShowSeparator: When specified, a horizontal line is shown beneath the prompt.
  • -Collapsible: When specified, the prompt is shown within a collapsible expander control.

New parameters for Show-AnyBox include:

  • -MaxHeight, -MaxWidth: used to control the maximum size of the window.
  • -CollapsibleGroups: if specified and prompt group(s) are specified, the groups are placed in a collapsible expander control, rather than a group box.
  • -AccentColor: controls the color of lines in group boxes, expander boxes, and separator lines.
  • -PrepScript: accepts a script block to run before the window is shown.

New function New-AnyBoxButton (alias New-Button) to wrap around the new object type AnyBox.Button. Parameters for this function include:

  • -Name: the unique key name for the button.
  • -Text: the text to display on the button. If -Name is not specified, the value for -Text serves as the key.
  • -IsCancel: designates the button to serve as the cancel button.
  • -IsDefault: designates the button to serve as the default button.
  • -OnClick: accepts a script block to run when the button is clicked.


  • -ContentAlignment now defaults to 'Left'.
  • -FontSize now defaults to '12'.

v0.2.1 - 2018-03-12


  • Extended AnyBox.Prompt class to include Name property to use as an identifier in the output (defaults to "Input_#").
  • Added -Name parameter to the AnyBox.Prompt wrapper function New-AnyBoxPrompt.

v0.2 - 2018-03-11


  • New-AnyBoxPrompt function wrapper around the AnyBox.Prompt class. It includes a new parameter, -MessagePosition, which specifies whether to print the prompt message above or beside the input control (default='Top').
  • When -GridData is provided, DataGrid now fills all available space when window is resized.
  • -GridAsList parameter as a shortcut for ConvertTo-Long.

v0.1 - 2018-03-06

  • Initial release