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GUI stands for graphical user interface. It is a visual representation of communication presented

to the user for easy interaction with the machine. It allows users to manipulate elements on the screen

using a mouse, a stylus, or even a finger. The actions in a GUI are usually performed through direct

manipulation of the graphical elements.

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KOLANICH commented Jan 11, 2019

Sometimes it is needed to store compressed data in the DB. Unfortunately not all the DBs have built-in compression and FUSE compressed FSes are not available for every OS. So it may make sense to store compressed binary blobs in the DB.

Unfortunately when one sees them in DBeaver he sees them compressed, but often they are needed uncompressed. So it'd be nice to have a feature to decompress the

andydotxyz commented Jun 1, 2020

Describe the bug:

Open fyne_demo -> Widgets -> input and drag the slider.
If your finger goes above or below the widget it resets to 0 - but it should track the finger movement.
Most probably a bug in tracking motion events in mobile driver.

To Reproduce:

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Go to fyne_demo
  2. Click on Widgets then input
  3. Slide the slider then move your finger
Surendrajat commented Sep 4, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It'll be nice to have a hotkey (like H in IDA) to toggle the integer base between HEX and DEC. Since it may not work in Decompiler without backend support, having it in Disassembly/Graph will still be nice.

Describe the solution you'd like

So when I press the hotkey (maybe H if it's available), it should work like

myfreeweb commented May 31, 2020

The image crate with default options is the absolute leader in code size:

 File  .text     Size Crate
 5.7%  14.6% 364.0KiB image
 4.6%  12.0% 297.3KiB wgpu_native
 3.8%   9.9% 246.5KiB std
 3.5%   8.9% 222.1KiB usvg
 2.6%   6.8% 170.0KiB iced_wgpu

I don't need to support ico, bmp, tga, hdr, dxt, dds, farbfeld and so on in a program that would only ever decode

znm241 commented May 1, 2020

Flameshot version

$ flameshot --version
Flameshot v0.6.0
Compiled with Qt 5.14.1

Describe the bug

When using the following format for saving screenshots

$ flameshot config -f %Y_%m_%e__%H_%M_%S

Days are expected to be two digits, a space is used when a day is printed with one digit (see below)

$ ls -A1 ~/Pictures/ss
legrostdg commented Jan 9, 2018

~/.config/youtube-dlg should just contain configuration files and not logs (which should go to $XDG_DATA_HOME/youtube-dlg/ ) nor youtube-dl binary (which should go to $XDG_CACHE_HOME).

Please also consider using appdirs instead of hardcoding ~/.config/

klieret commented May 28, 2019

Type of Issues (Enhancement, Error, Bug, Question)


  1. Initialize Window
  2. Show it (window.Read())
  3. Run window.Disable()
  4. The whole desktop environment freezes, nothing is clickable anymore
  5. Change to tty terminal and kill application
  6. Things are normal again

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit

Python version

Python 3.5.2


Red is a next-generation programming language strongly inspired by Rebol, but with a broader field of usage thanks to its native-code compiler, from system programming to high-level scripting and cross-platform reactive GUI, while providing modern support for concurrency, all in a zero-install, zero-config, single 1MB file!

  • Updated Sep 18, 2020
  • Red

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