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Spaceapps 2013 participation entry sources and documentation.

I've forked jcfigueiredo/XMPP-Bot It looks like a useful light weight bot that will suite my needs. Completed 'stories':


  • lots of discussion with local teams in the NewFactory venue
  • discussions on freenode IRC on #spaceapps
  • following and posting on twitter, collaborating with other teams
  • hackpad reading and writing to it

Story backlog:

  • set up demo
    • with icq
    • with twitter (dm? or public?)
    • with text message (bi-directional, sms, through aspsms/swissjabber or voipdiscount)
    • with skype
    • with facebook(is there a working transport?)
    • with phone call, reply with next pass over country where call originated from
    • with phone call, reply with next pass over location registered for phone number
  • send notification of upcomming pass for previously set coordinates
  • return magnitude of pass and other info
  • find way to get altitude information for lat/lon tuple
  • find way to calculate timezone/dst for lat/lon and return local time
  • accept other forms of location
    • identify country by phone prefix (SIP gateway)
    • any XEP that would allow to retrieve remote location?
  • reply directly to phone call and use TTS (festival)
  • move from remote json queries to locally stored and updated TLE
  • add support for arbitrary objects found in TLE file
  • add support for objects outside of earth orbit
  • add search in TLE objects

Picture references:

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