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A small Perl script as Unix tool to merge PDF files



pdfmerge4unix has been written in 2003 by Didier F.B Casse <>.
In 2010 it seemed pretty discontinued, so Dominic Hopf resumed this work to fix
some issues reported to the Fedora package of pdfmerge in the meanwhile.


The usage of this small but nice tool is pretty easy. Have all your files in
one directory, change to that directory and run something like

 pdfmerge file1.pdf file2.pdf... fileN.pdf outfile.pdf

You can even mention PDF files in subdirectories like this:

 pdfmerge subdir1/file1.pdf subdir2/file2.pdf outfile.pdf

And last but not least you can access a directory from a higher level:

 pdfmerge file1.pdf ../file2.pdf outfile.pdf


The current version of pdfmerge is 1.0.6. You can obtain it from here:

Checksums can be found at


You can get the sources via

 git clone


If you have any bugreports, improvements, suggestions or anything else you can
report those at


In case of any question, feel free to write a mail to

	Dominic Hopf <>
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