Rotation equivariant vector field networks (ICCV 2017)
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Rotation equivariant vector field networks [1] (to appear in ICCV 2017)

Using MatConvNet 1.0-beta25 the intallation can be done by running vl_contrib('RotEqNet'). For older versions it can also be unziped manually.

Run the setup script setup_RotEqNet.m from Matlab and then main.m to download the MNIST-rot dataset, train and test a rotation invariant classifier.

Pytorch version

Anders Waldeland, from the Norwegian Computing Center, has been working on a Pytorch remake of RotEqNet! The code is available here.

[1] Marcos, D., Volpi, M., Komodakis, N., & Tuia, D. (2016). Rotation equivariant vector field networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.09346.