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icon Easy Move+Resize

Adds easy modifier key + mouse drag move and resize to OSX


Easy Move+Resize is based on behavior found in many X11/Linux window managers


  • Cmd + Ctrl + Left Mouse anywhere inside a window, then drag to move.
  • Cmd + Ctrl + Right Mouse anywhere inside a window, then drag to resize,
    • The resize direction is determined by which region of the window is clicked. i.e. a right-click in roughly the top-left corner of a window will act as if you grabbed the top left corner, whereas a right-click in roughly the top-center of a window will act as if you grabbed the top of the window.
    • To use the middle mouse button as the resize modifier, select the Middle Click resize menu item.
  • The choice of modifier keys to hold down to activate dragging or resizing can be customized by toggling the appropriate modifier key name in the application icon menu.
    • Click the menu item to toggle it.
    • All keys toggled to selected must be held down for activation.
  • Behavior can be disabled by toggling the Disabled item in the application icon menu.
  • If you are dragging or resizing a window in the background and want it to rise to the top, select the Bring Window to Front menu item.
  • To restore application settings, select the Reset to Defaults menu item.
  • To disable for a particular app, select Disable for ... from the menu after using Easy Move+Resize on that app.



brew install --cask easy-move-plus-resize



  • If MacOS refuses to launch Easy Move+Resize because it "cannot check it for malicious software": see here
  • If Accessibility permission for Easy Move+Resize is not working: see here


Contributions welcome!

Release process

  • Choose a new version number following semantic versioning guidelines
  • Update the version number in easy-move-resize/easy-move-resize-Info.plist, (example)
  • Commit and push the version number update
  • git tag <chosen version number>
  • git push origin --tags
  • In XCode, choose Product->Archive
  • Click "Distribute App", select "Copy App", "Next", then "Export"
  • In a shell, navigate to the directory created, then:
  • zip -r Easy\
  • Upload the resulting zip file to the appropriate tag on the Releases page