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Raspberry Pi Remote Mains Switcher
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Raspberry Strogonanoff

A Raspberry Pi Remote Mains Switcher, to switch these

with one of these

using the awesome reverse engineering detailed here


Requires WiringPi-Python

git clone
cd WiringPi-Python/
git submodule update --init
sudo apt-get install python2.7-dev python-setuptools
sudo python install


You'll need something like this

Assuming that is the one you buy, the transmitter has 4 pins. Wire

Tx PinRaspberry Pi Header Pin
Pin 1 GNDPin 6 0V (Ground)
Pin 2 Data inPin 11 GPIO 0
Pin 3 VccPin 2 5.0 VDC Power
Pin 4 ANT173mm antenna wire (not on the Pi!)

where the Raspberry Pi Header Pin numbers are the little ones on the inside of the diagram below.

If you've had to read this section, please see the disclaimer below.


Needs to be run as root -

sudo ./ --channel 1 --button 3 --gpio 0 on 

where the GPIO pin number is 0 (the default) if wired as per the table above, or otherwise the big ones on this diagram


It works for me, but connecting stuff to your Raspberry Pi can destroy either end. If it does, no matter how negligent I've been, I'm sorry, but it's your problem.

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