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Port of feedgenerator to Python 3
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Merge pull request #3 from saimn/fix-py27

self._write wants a unicode string on python 2
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tests_feedgenerator sort attributes for consistent output
.gitignore Added VIM swap to gitignore Made tests
README.rst Added link to readme, renamed package in setup
setup.cfg Added original sources to start porting Fixed: #2
test.rss Made tests
tox.ini Add python 3.3 to tox



Feedgenerator-py3k is a standalone version of Django's feedgenerator. It is based on the current Django Version 1.5.dev20120824122350.

The previous feedgenerator 1.2.1 is based on rather old code, and during the port to Python 3 it became obvious that (at least) the handling of unicode strings has to be refactored.

Django has evolved since, so I decided to create a new standalone version which is based upon modern code.

See for details.

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