This is a converter of networking simulator EVE-NG
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EVE-NG to GNS3 topology converter

This script converts network topologies created in EVE-NG to GNS3 format.

Coding of this project was live streamed on
Recordings are posted on my YouTube channel

To run the script, you will need to have Python 3.6+ installed.
Dependencies are listed in requirements.txt. You can install them using:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

How to use the script

python3 [-h] (-f SRC_TOPOLOGY_FILE | -s SRC_DIR)
                                 [-d DST_DIR] [-c CONSOLE_START_PORT]
                                 [--l2_iol_image L2_IOL_IMAGE]
                                 [--l3_iol_image L3_IOL_IMAGE]

Example: python3 -s src/ -d dst/


  • -f, --src_topology_file specifies a single *.unl file you would like to convert
    Alternatively, use:
  • -s, --src_dir specifies a source directory containing *.unl files. This directory is scanned recursively and all found *.unl files will be converted.

Either --src_topology_file or --src_dir must be specified.

  • -d, --dst_dir specifies destination folder. This is where the script will put generated GNS3 topologies. Default is dst/
  • -c, --console_start_port specifies the first port for the console in GNS3. Default is 5000.
  • --l2_iol_image specifies an L2 IOL image path in GNS3 if differs from EVE-NG.
  • --l3_iol_image specifies an L3 IOL image path in GNS3 if differs from EVE-NG

Two options above may be useful if IOL images are named differently in EVE-NG and GNS3 or if completely different versions are imported in these two emulators.
This is implemented only for IOL. In future, there will be support of a mapping file, where you could specify mapping of image path/name in EVE-NG and corresponding image path/name in GNS3. Check #3

If the script does not work/crashes, please raise an issue.