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No Maintenance Intended



Dependencies and supported browsers

Tested on Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2. It works with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and IE (9+). Firefox and Opera don't support the CSS zoom property, and consequently slides will not resize correctly.


First install the dependencies (it may take some minutes):

gem install watchr
gem install thin

Then execute the following command:


If you don't have execution permission, try:

ruby watch


The demo slideshow in the "slideshow" folder contains instructions to get you started. Everything inside the "slideshow" folder is related to a specific presentation. However, what's inside the "lib" folder and the "watch" script is generic and should not be modified.


For more information and additional options execute:

./watch --help

Do I need a web server to view my presentation?

Live.js and less.js currently won't work if you’re using Chrome and the path to your slideshow starts with "file://" due to a known Chrome issue.
If you're not using either of those, then you don't need a web server.

My presentation keeps flashing. What should I do?

You are probably using a tablet or you are offline and some of the contents you included in your presentation are not locally accessible.
This is caused by live.js. You should use the -n option to avoid it:

./watch --nolivejs

Want to control your HTML presentation with Apple Remote?

Check this project:
It's a MacRuby application to display your HTML slideshows fullscreen with Apple Remote Support.

I need more flexibility regarding transitions and animations

Check this project:
It's very flexible. However, slides don't scale in proportion and it works with a single html file (no partials).


slideshow.html is based on the HTML5 Slideshow project by Rob Flaherty. The code was extended and new features were added:

  • The ruby script which offers support for partials and automated build
  • Dimensions and proportional slide resizing according to a specified ratio (for example, 1280x800)
  • Additional options (for example, hide the toolbar but keep the slide number visible)
  • Live.js was added (browser automatic refresh)
  • Less.js was added

2011 David Francisco, released under the MIT license.