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Simple Ruby-powered password generator
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Simple Password Generator

This class will generate either a pronounceable or complete random password.


Simply install the generator with Rubygems:

$ gem install simple-password-gen


You may require this file and generate some passwords, like:

require 'simple-password-gen'
puts Password.pronounceable # => "nduslihefrash"
puts Password.pronounceable(3) # => "ndu"
puts Password.pronounceable(5, visually_safe: true) # => "ukaje"
puts Password.random(4)     # => "w'ds"
pw = (1..10)   # => #<Password:0x9678514 ...>
pw.pronounceable            # => "t"
pw.pronounceable            # => "vostyhish"
pw.random                   # => "8+a"


Alternatively, you may simply run this file as command line application:

$ simple-password-gen -h
simple-password-gen [--length/-l LEN] [--number/-n NUM]
  Generates <NUM> password(s) with appox. length <LEN>.
  Will fail if NUM is less than 1 or LEN is less than 5.
  Defaults: LEN=10, NUM=3

Author and Contributors

Written by Dominik Menke, dominik(dot)menke(at)gmail(dot)com

Some typo fixes by @tanraya (Andrew).


Simplified BSD License. See the file LICENSE.

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