A SVG-based map of Creation for White Wolf's 2nd edition Exalted
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Exalted Map of Creation

A SVG-based map of Creation for White Wolf's 2nd edition Exalted. This uses information from stephenls' map of creation.

The style of the map is inspired by the World Reference Atlas published by Dorling Kindersley.

The map itself was created using Inkscape on a 64-bit Linux. There is a possibility it cannot be opened on Windows or with non-Inkscape editors. In that case, please use the SVG files in the Additional folder as needed.


The SVG image has multiple layers so certain features can be hidden. This also lets you create customizations, such as a different set of celestial gates (our gaming group used 108 with each Sidereal having exactly one gate).

  • Frame
  • Boundaries
    • Kingdoms
  • Geomancy
    • Raksha
    • Celestial Gates
    • Demenses
    • Shadowlands
  • Constructions
    • Cities
  • Grid
  • Terra
  • Aqua

Additional Formats

In the Additional folder, there are versions of the map that may be better suited for some purposes. All of these files are based on the top-level Creation.svg.