Python library for the iHackerNews API
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A python library for the iHackerNews API.



iHackerNews can be installed in any number of the usual ways:

easy_install ihackernews
pip install ihackernews
pip install -e git+git://
git clone git://
cd python-ihackernews
python install


iHackerNews API Documentation

Basic example:

>>> from ihackernews import iHackerNewsAPI
>>> hn = iHackerNewsAPI()
>>> response = hn.profile('dmpayton')
>>> response
>>> response.response # The raw response from the requests library
<Response [200]>
>>> # The parsed JSON data
{u'username': u'dmpayton', u'about': u"24 year old software developer (Python) in Southern California.<p>Me: <a href=''></a>\nDay job: <a href=''></a><p>derek.payton (at) Google's mail service.", u'createdAgo': u'1560 days ago', u'cachedOnUTC': u'/Date(1323325776265)/', u'version': u'1.0', u'karma': 578}

More examples can be found in



Note: Potential instabilities in the iHackerNews API service may cause test failures. It's not entirely uncommon to receive 500's or empty data from the API, which sucks, but c'est la vie.


  • Better documentation
  • Automatically parse Dates to datetime.datetime objects
  • Retry logic (?) -- See note under Testing