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EOL-NOTICE ❗ Public development discontinued


Web application template built upon dmstr/phd5-app.



Developer guide | API docs | Online help

Getting started

Activate your development environment by creating a config file .env for Docker Compose. This setting will load and merge with the default configuration.

cp .env-dist .env

To change environment variables for the PHP application at runtime, you can use a local file

cp project/config/local.env-dist project/config/local.env

πŸ’‘ This feature is enabled via ENV_LOCAL_FILE=..., it is not recommended for production usage.

Build your images

docker-compose build

Install vendor packages for development on the host-system (eg. for auto-completion and debugging)

docker-compose run --rm php composer install

Before starting the stack, we run a one-off command to do the initial setup of the application.

❗ There are defaults for setting up an admin user and adding demo-data to the application, you can customize these settings

docker-compose run --rm php yii app/setup

When the initial setup is complete, you can start the application stack with

docker-compose up -d

You can access the application now in your browser (replace docker.local with the IP of your Docker host)

open http://docker.local:21080

And login with admin / admin1.

πŸ’‘ By default, all pages, actions, routes, etc. including frontend and backend modules are only available after authentication.

For details about package installation, custom application source-code, code generation, database migrations, testing, content management, deployment ... Continue with the quick start tutorial.


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