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SCSS Tooltips

A Sass / SCSS mixin for tooltips. Pure CSS, no extra HTML elements, and no Javascript required.

Documentation and examples

How Do You Use it?

As seen in demo.scss you can define your class for the tooltip with default or overridden values as params in the tooltip mixin. Then use the tooltipPositioningFactory to create the positioning classes Just add the class tooltip to the element that you want to hover over and display the tooltip at the default position of south-east.

Then add the data attribute data-tooltip to the element and provide whatever text you would like the tooltip to say inside of it.

Then to position it, add one of the following classes:
tooltip--nw tooltip--n tooltip-ne
tooltip--w tooltip-e
tooltip--sw tooltip--s

Example Setup

<i class="icon-info tooltip tooltip--se" data-tooltip="This is an informational icon"></i>

Configuration Options

The following options are available to configure the tooltip, with their default values shown below. Rather than directly changing the variables in this file, override them in your own code by simply assigning them with the values you would like as parameters to the tooltip mixin.

tooltip mixin params:


$tooltip-width: 200px;

Fade in delay

$fade-in-delay: 300ms;

Fade out delay

$fade-out-duration: 300ms;

Content data attribute name

$tooltip-data-attribute: 'data-tooltip';

Tooltip class name

$tooltip-class: 'tooltip';

Tooltip Background color

$tooltip-background-color: #0061c8;

Tooltip padding

$tooltip-padding: 10px 15px;

Triangle height (not exposed as a param)

$tooltip-triangle-height: 6px !default;

tooltipPositioningFactory mixin params:

Tooltip class name

$tooltip-class: 'tooltip';

Distance from Element (not exposed as a param)

$tooltip-proximity: 5px;

See a Demo

Demo on Hacking UI


Download and add the source/tooltips.scss file to your SCSS directory

Or install with Bower

bower install scss-tooltips


Brought to you by @hackingui