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Yii framework extension to provide developer with yii documentation quick reference.

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Extension to use under development providing you with api documentation.

###Section "use case"
- describe tabs and yiii doc thumbs up.
- no internet no fun.
- part of yiibot project and etbar

###Section "install"
- config
    return array(

- Version: next
    * Work with the css and toggle
    * mv ./views/default/* ./views ( correct render as well )
    * mv ./css/myiiapi.css ./css/eyiiapi.css
    BUG: double effect
    BUG: methods search returns more than proper
- Version: 0.3    
    * Created EYiiApiActiveRecord that is extended from 
      the models under the model folder so they will point 
      to the database under data.
    * Added link to target _blank  
    * created the eyiiapi.js
    * model labels corrected
- Version: 0.2
    * 1 Generic view
- Version: 0.1
    * Added database.
    * Working with diff views.

BUG: method pass only 1 char
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