SOAP signature plugin for SUDS
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SOAP signature plugin for SUDS

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Just include an instance of SudsSigner.plugin.SignerPlugin in the plugins list passed to the suds.client.Client constructor. In most cases (RSA or DSA key in PEM format without password), only one parameter needs to be given; the name of the file containing the private key and the certificate. In case of password protected keys, the password can be supplied either as a string using the pwd parameter, or a callback and an optional context using the pwdCallback and pwdCallbackCtx parameters, respectively.


The plugin is licensed under MIT license.


  • Python 2.x (tested on 2.7)
  • libxml2 and Python bindings (Debian/Ubuntu package: python-libxml2)
  • SUDS 0.4 (Debian/Ubuntu package: python-suds)
  • xmlsec library and development files (Debian/Ubuntu package: libxmlsec1-dev)
  • PyXMLSec with addIDs patch (
  • pyOpenSSL (Debian/Ubuntu package: python-openssl)
  • LXML (Debian/Ubuntu package: python-lxml)