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iiif static annotations via Jekyll
Ruby Shell
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Local IIIF Annotation server

Installation instructions are found here:


  1. Install Dependencies
  1. (Optional). Fork repository and create own website. See GitHub pages instructions for steps. Otherwise use for step 3.

  2. Open Terminal(Mac/Linux)/Git Bash or Command Line(Windows). Clone this repository or clone forked repository and change directory:

    $ git clone[username]/annotate.git
    $ cd annotate
  3. Start vagrant environment in terminal.

    $ vagrant up

  4. Start Jekyll and Flask

    $ vagrant ssh
    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ cd /vagrant
    [vagrant@localhost vagrant]$ dos2unix #windows machines only
    [vagrant@localhost vagrant]$ ./

Navigate to http://localhost:5555/annotate/ to create annotations. Note Not all manifests load using Microsoft Edge. Firefox and Chrome are better alternatives.

Requirements for Development

  • Ruby >=2.2
  • Jekyll >=3.5
  • Bundler >=1.12
  • Python


  • Clone this repository and navigate into it:

    $ git clone && cd annotate

  • Install dependencies:

    $ bundle install

  • Create ENV, install Flask in ENV, start Flask and Jekyll

    $ ./

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