Extension to read email messages with fixed with font.
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Extension to read email messages with fixed with font.

This is based on a blog post from Leonardo Soto about making gmail messages use a fixed-width font.

How to load this extension:

  1. clone this repository or download it as a ZIP (older releases here),
  2. visit chrome://extensions,
  3. make sure "developer mode" is checked,
  4. click "load unpacked extension" to select your git clone.

Which fonts are used:

There are some factors that I considered

Wait, I like this other font better...

  1. clone this repository
  2. use your favorite fixed-width font in the gmail-fixed.css file
  3. reload the extension :)


  1. get a tool to rename fonts e.g. FontForge.
  2. copy your favorite fixed width and rename it gmail-fixed-width.