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DNS-STATS Compactor project homepage

The DNS-STATS Compactor project is a set of tools for capturing and working with DNS server traffic recorded in Compacted-DNS (C-DNS) files. C-DNS is a space-efficient file format for storing DNS traffic. It is defined in RFC8618.

C-DNS Versions

Release 1.0.0 and later implement RFC8618.


DNS-STATS Compactor is an open source project licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

See About for more details.

Latest release


Update 2022-03-23

1.2.1: This release makes minor updates to how compactor behaves under overload and how files are handled on interrupt. It also adds more detailed logging and stats.


Update 2022-05-126

1.2.2-rc1: This release introduces an alternative way to manage file rotation by sending a user signal to compactor.

Documentation and Installation

For the production release see the PDF User Guide which includes detailed installation instructions.

Or download this nicer HTML User Guide to view offline (since the GitHub wiki will only show this as raw HTML - we are working on a better website!).

For the latest development releases see PDF User Guide - 1.2.2-beta1 and HTML User Guide - 1.2.2-beta1

Distribution Packages

Debian packages for the production 1.2.1 release are available from ppa:dns-stats/compactor.

Debian packages for development releases are available from ppa:dns-stats/compactor-unstable.



As of the 1.0.0 release develop and master now contain the 1.0 code.

The 0.12 release is maintained from the 0.12 branch.



  • The Comcast Innovation Fund generously supported the work of implementing the RFC format in version 1.0 of compactor via a grant.