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A useful set of moderator tools for the DO Community team.
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DO Moderator Toolbox

A useful set of moderator tools for the DO Community team. A compiled Vue app running through a userscript to provide quick and useful actions for moderators.


  • Quick access to moderation queues and their current totals
    • Under review, flagged and unanswered questions
  • Predefined response macros for Community Questions
    • Common issues such as contacting support
  • Easy access to advanced user account moderation actions from posted questions & user profiles
    • Any combination of wiping an account, archiving an account, disabling an account & marking all posts as spam


Install the userscript (ensure you have TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey installed as an extension in your browser to run the userscript).


  1. Log in to the DigitalOcean Community site as a moderator
  2. Press ` (back-tick) on any Community page to active the toolbox
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