Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) algorithm implementation for .NET C#
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Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) algorithm implementation for .NET C#


  • Single or multivariate
  • Data preprocessing options (none, centering, normalization, standardization)
  • Optional weights for variables
  • Manhattan, Euclidean, SquaredEuclidean distance measures
  • Optional boundary constraints (1, 1) and (m,n)
  • Sakoe-Chiba band
  • Ikatura paralelogram (custom slope constraint can be specified which results in such paralelogram)
  • C# code written with performance in mind (fast data structures, local variables caching for loops etc.)

Three libraries:

  • NDtw (algorithm)
  • NDtw.Visualization.Wpf (visualization WPF user controls included: series and matrix)
  • NDtw.Examples (WPF example application for demonstration purposes)


  • very simple: var cost = new Dtw(seriesA, seriesB).GetCost();
  • or much more complex initialization of Dtw class with various features

Available on NuGet:


DTW visualization

DTW visualization

Thanks to

  • http://oxyplot.codeplex.com/, a great charting library
  • Sample data provider: 'Classification of individual consumption by purpose - 1998 (COICOP), source: Eurostat'
  • everyone else for various code snippets (mentioned in code)


NDtw is released under the MIT license: www.opensource.org/licenses/MIT