Roon Volume Control Extension to control Denon & Marantz receivers
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Controlling Denon/Marantz AV receivers from Roon

This project provides a Roon Volume Control extension that allows you to control volume and mute from within Roon. It does so by connecting the receiver via its network interface. Unfortunately, doing so will prevent other applications that rely on the Telnet-based communication to fail - at least my Denon AVR-3313 only accepts one of those connections at a time.


  1. Install Node.js from

    • On Windows, install from the above link.
    • On Mac OS, you can use homebrew to install Node.js.
    • On Linux, you can use your distribution's package manager, but make sure it installs a recent Node.js. Otherwise just install from the above link.

    The extension has been developed with Node v8.0.0. While it may work with older versions, it's not something that I've tested.

  2. Install Git from

    • Following the instructions for the Operating System you are running.
  3. Download the Denon/Marantz AVR extension.

  4. Extract the zip file in a local folder.

  5. Change directory to the extension in the local folder:

    cd <local_folder>/roon-extension-denon

    Replace <local_folder> with the local folder path.

  6. Install the dependencies:

    npm install
  7. Run it!

    node .

    The extension should appear in Roon now. See Settings->Setup->Extensions and you should see it in the list. Once it has been properly configured, it can be added as 'Volume Control' extension to an existing output zone.


  • Setups with more than one Roon Core on the network are not currently tested.