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Docker Desktop for Windows

Getting Docker Desktop for Windows

Docker Desktop for Windows is free to download.


If you don't understand something about Docker Desktop for Windows, the extensive documentation is a great place to look for answers.


Support for Docker Desktop is available to Docker customers on a Pro or Team plan by completing the Desktop support form.

Bugs with the Docker Desktop for Windows software can be filed as issues in this (docker/for-win) repository, which we respond to on a best-effort basis. Support requests in this repository (i.e., trouble installing or using the software) will be ignored, but community support is available from the Docker community Slack.

This Repository

This repository contains an issue tracker for Docker Desktop for Windows -- an integrated Docker experience on Microsoft Windows. If you find a problem with the software, first browse the existing issues or search from the bar at the top (s to focus) and then, if you don't find your issue, open a new issue.

Component Projects

Docker Desktop for Windows uses many open source components. A full list of components and licenses is available inside of Docker Desktop from About Docker Desktop -> Acknowledgements in the 🐳 menu.

Some notable components include:

  • DataKit, a tool to orchestrate applications using a 9P dataflow
  • VPNKit, a set of tools and services for helping HyperKit VMs interoperate with host VPN configurations