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Meggy Jr cncserver

This software allows the use of the Meggy Jr RGB to control a WaterColorBot with cncserver.


  • Host software

    • cncserver
    • Python 2
    • Python Requests
    • pySerial
  • Meggy Jr Software

    • Arduino IDE
    • Meggy Jr library
    • FTDI cable


The Meggy Jr needs to be programmed with the included code. This requires the Meggy Jr libraries be installed. Once they are installed the Meggy Jr can be programmed with the included code (arduino/MeggyJr_WCB_controller/).


  • Connect the Meggy Jr to your computer with a FTDI cable

  • Run python http://localhost:4242 [meggyjr serial port] or python [cncserver address] [meggyjr serial port], substituting the serial port of the Meggy Jr and address of cncserver. On Linux this will probably be /dev/ttyUSB0, on Mac /dev/tty.usbserial-*, on Windows it should be COM*

    The '-d n' flag sets the move distance when a button is pressed to n.