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A Twitter bot to enhance the hashtag #doctoctoc used by French doctors to help each other with clinical cases or administrative chores. File is based on
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A Twitter bot to enhance the hashtag #doctoctoc ("Toc, toc!" is the equivalent of "Knock, knock!" in French, but is not used to introduce a joke). #DocTocToc is used by French speaking doctors and other healthcare professionals to help each other with clinical cases or administrative chores.

Contributions to the code are welcome. Data mining, NLP hackers, I need you!

Cloning this repository

This repository contains a submodule src/bot/lib/python-twitter. It is a modified version of python-twitter that allows sending and retrieving direct messages with the new Twitter API.

For a 1st time clone use

git clone --recursive

If you already cloned the repository, cd into it and

git submodule update --init --recursive

DocTocTocBot rules

  1. I retweet tweets containing the hashtag #doctoctoc.
  2. I retweet only MDs and midwives.
  3. Twitter users who do not want to be retweeted can DM me (manually processed please be patient) or block me (effective immediately).
  4. I don't retweet retweets.
  5. I don't retweet answers.
  6. I don't retweet "quote tweets".
  7. I exclude a few usecases such as professionals looking for a replacement.
  8. I retweet only questions.


  • How to tell MDs from non-MDs on Twitter?
  • How to enhance the dialogue with other healthcare professionals (pharmacists, ...)?
  • Can we automatically classify the type of request (clinical case, administrative tip, other kind of help)?
  • Can we automatically classify the medical category of the request? (Dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry, social problems)
  • What classifications should we use? (ICPC, ICD)
  • Should we use another hashtag for clinical quizzes (when the requester already knows the answer) such as #DocQuiz ?

Wiki, documentation, links

Read more about technical issues, code: wiki

Présentation du robot en français

DocTocTocBot was created by @medecinelibre


We would like to adapt the bot to Mastodon. Can you help with this?

alt text

Python & Django version

  • Python version 3.6
  • Django version 2.0 (for compatibility with CleanerVersion)


See requirements.txt

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to start:

Even though the bot is now integrated into a larger Django project, the bot app inside src could easily be adapted to be used as a standalone retweet bot.

  • Define the hashtag(s) you want to retweet and the hashtag(s) you want to track in the config file.
  • You can track more hashtags than you retweet (for archival purpose)
  • Start the tracking stream: python3 run_bot_stream
  • You can also use the retweet bot based on Search API: python3 run_bot_search
  • You can run both Django commands with systemd.
  • For the search and retweet module, define the number of retweets at a time (This avoids overloading -Limit is 180 RT/ 15 mins)
  • Add your Twitter app credentials in environment variables (avoid putting secrets in the config file)
  • (Tune some other options if you like)


To @natolh for his technical advice and pull requests.


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