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Facing "Undefined index: (fieldname) in Doctrine/ODM/MongoDB/UnitOfWork.php line 736" #433

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I have recently faced very strange error when trying to update my documents with 1.0.0-beta6 version. The common code for all my trials is as follows:

$dm = $this->get('doctrine_mongodb.odm.default_document_manager');
$session = $dm->getRepository('BrowserSession')->find($this->get('session')->getId());

// Continues with one of the code snippets below

1) If I try to call $dm->persist($session); $dm->flush(); an exception "Undefined index: requests in Doctrine/ODM/MongoDB/UnitOfWork.php line 736" is thrown.

2) $dm->flush($session); works properly.

3) $dm->flush(); does not do anything.

I am slightly confused what's going on. Previously, code snippet 1 has worked properly.

The document:

 * @MongoDB\Document()
 * @MongoDB\ChangeTrackingPolicy("DEFERRED_EXPLICIT") 
class BrowserSession

    // ID and other fields are here

     * @MongoDB\Increment
     * @var integer
    protected $requests = 0;

    public function incrementRequests() { $this->requests++; }

This may be related to #483 (assuming the field name, and not type, is the problem in that issue).

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