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PHPCR ODM for Doctrine2

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Please refer to for the documentation.


Pull requests are welcome. Please include tests to prevent regressions whenever possible.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed already.

Running the tests

This examples shows how to run the tests for jackrabbit. You can run the tests for the other backends. Just replace jackrabbit with the name of the backend you want to run.

  1. Make sure you have installed the dependencies that can't be installed with Composer (e.g. when running, install MySQL). Do not run composer install, it will not work because phpcr-odm requires virtual packages that change depending on the backend you want to test.

  2. Run this command to download jackrabbit and launch it (requires wget)


Please note that this will also require implementations for virtual packages that match the backend you want to test, resulting in a change in your composer.json. Make sure you do not check in this change into version control.

  1. Run the tests:

    phpunit -c tests/phpunit_jackrabbit.xml.dist