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DocuSign Quick Start examples for C#

Repository: qs-csharp

These quick start examples provide straight-forward code examples for quickly trying the DocuSign eSignature API with the C# SDK.


Watch the 4 minute installation video

Installation Video

The repo includes:

  1. Pages\EmbeddedSigning.cshtml.cs -- Embedding a signing ceremony in your web application.
  2. Pages\SendEnvelope.cshtml.cs -- Sending a signing request via an email to the signer.
  3. Pages\ListEnvelopes.cshtml.cs -- Listing the envelopes in the user's account, including their status.

These examples do not include authentication. Instead, use the DocuSign DevCenter's OAuth token generator to create an access token.

For a C# JWT authentication example, see the example repositories:

An OAuth Authorization Code Grant example is also being developed.

For more information, see the DocuSign DevCenter Examples section.



This example uses .NET Core 2.1 with the Microsoft Razor pages web framework. The SDK itself is compatible with .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.5 or later versions.

The DocuSign example files will work with .NET Core or Framework.

Installation steps

Download or clone this repository. Then open the project in Visual Studio.

For Windows, Microsoft's Introduction to Razor article notes that the Visual Studio ASP.NET and web development and .NET Core cross-platform development workloads must be installed.

Troubleshooting problems

If the solution doesn't start in Visual Studio, here are some suggestions:

  • If you see core errors, update to the current version of Visual Studio and install the .NET Core 2.1 SDK.

    The free Visual Studio Community version can be used for this solution.

  • More errors? Open the Visual Studio installer and install Visual Studio ASP.NET and web development and .NET Core cross-platform development workloads.

Configure the example files' settings

Each quick start example is a self-contained file. You will configure each of the three example files listed above with:

  • Access token: Use the OAuth Token Generator. To use the token generator, you'll need a free DocuSign Developer's account.

    Each access token lasts 8 hours, you will need to repeat this process when the token expires. You can use the same access token for multiple examples.

  • Account Id: After logging into the DocuSign Sandbox system, you can copy your Account Id from the dropdown menu by your name. See the figure:


  • Signer name and email: Remember to try the DocuSign signing ceremony using both a mobile phone and a regular email client.

Run the examples

Build and run the examples in Visual Studio. IIS Express will be automatically configured and started.

Your default browser will be automatically opened to the index page for the solution.

Support, Contributions, License

Submit support questions to StackOverflow. Use tag docusignapi.

Contributions via Pull Requests are appreciated. All contributions must use the MIT License.

This repository uses the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.