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slugifies every string, even when it contains unicode!

Make strings url-safe.

  • respecting RFC 3986
  • Comprehensive tests
  • No dependencies (except the unicode table)
  • Not in coffee-script (except the tests lol)
  • Coerces foreign symbols to their english equivalent
  • Works in browser (window.slug) and AMD/CommonJS-flavoured module loaders (except the unicode symbols unless you use browserify but who wants to download a ~2mb js file, right?)
npm install slug
bower install slug


var slug = require('slug')
var print = console.log.bind(console, '>')

print(slug('i ♥ unicode'))
// > i-love-unicode

print(slug('unicode ♥ is ☢')) // yes!
// > unicode-love-is-radioactive

print(slug('i ♥ unicode', '_')) // If you prefer something else then `-` as seperator
// > i_love_unicode

slug.charmap['♥'] = 'freaking love' // change default charmap or use option {charmap:{…}} as 2. argument
print(slug('I ♥ UNICODE'))
// > I-freaking-love-UNICODE

print(slug('☏-Number', {lower: true})) // If you prefer lower case
// > telephone-number

print(slug('i <3 unicode'))
// > i-love-unicode


// options is either object or replacement (sets options.replacement)
slug('string', [{options} || 'replacement']);
slug.defaults.mode ='pretty';
slug.defaults.modes['rfc3986'] = {
    replacement: '-',      // replace spaces with replacement
    symbols: true,         // replace unicode symbols or not
    remove: null,          // (optional) regex to remove characters
    lower: true,           // result in lower case
    charmap: slug.charmap, // replace special characters
    multicharmap: slug.multicharmap // replace multi-characters
slug.defaults.modes['pretty'] = {
    replacement: '-',
    symbols: true,
    remove: /[.]/g,
    lower: false,
    charmap: slug.charmap,
    multicharmap: slug.multicharmap


When using browserify you might want to remove the symbols table from your bundle by using --ignore similar to this:

# generates a standalone slug browser bundle:
browserify slug.js --ignore unicode/category/So -s slug > slug-browser.js

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